Sun Capital

Sun Capital, a new city located at in the sight of the great Pyramids one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world. Stretched over 575 acres in the heart of the world’s greatest civilizations, “Sun Capital” is the world's latest addition of a complete metropolitan city named the New Touristic Capital of Egypt, where life, business and entertainment are combined. This project will be the crown jewel of  “Arabia Holding” in partnership with the Ministry of Housing, placing the project on a national scale as one of the new urban developments created for the greater glory of future planned Egypt.


-  five-star hotels (Fairmont 250 rooms, Intercontinental Holiday 400 rooms) and 200 other hotel units

- An international hospital on an area of 6 acres

- A university on an area of 30 acres is 6 different specialties

- And two international schools on an area of 16 acres

- Areas and shops on an area of 11 acres

- outlet stores

- anchor shops

 - administrative Offices

- underground parking

1 bedroom

BUA: 78m

Starting price 861,300

6 years: 11900 monthly

7 years: 8200 monthly

10 years: 4600 monthly


2 bedrooms

BUA: 123m

Starting price 1,130,000

6 years: 15,700 monthly

7 years: 10,700 monthly

10 years: 6,100 monthly


3 bedrooms - one looking view

BUA: 169m

Starting price 1,586,000

6 years: 22,000 monthly

7 years: 15,100 monthly

10 years: 8,600 monthly


3 bedrooms - one looking view

BUA: 205m

Starting price 2,052,000

6 years: 28,500 monthly

7 years: 19,500 monthly

10 years: 11,100 monthly


3 bedrooms- double looking view

BUA: 236m

Starting price 2,362,000

6 years: 32,800 monthly

7 years: 22,500 monthly

10 years: 12,800 monthly


3 bedrooms - Triple looking view

BUA: 248 m

Starting price 2,657,000

6 years: 36,900 monthly

7 years: 25,300 monthly

10 years: 14,400 monthly


Pent house

BUA: 265m

Starting price 2,698,000

6 years: 37,400 monthly

7 years: 25,700 monthly

10 years: 14,600 monthly



BUA: 338m

Starting price 3,341,000

6 years: 46,400 monthly

7 years: 31,800 monthly

10 years: 18,000 monthly

Cash discount: 30%

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Located in New Mansoura, a city covering a total area of 6220 feddans with an expected population of almost 700,000 people . the city is bordered bye The Mediterranean Sea with 15 KM of Sea Coast

Fifth Square

Is strategic location is easily accessible from all Cairo’s main roads and vital highways, and is only minutes away from The American University in Cairo, 10
minutes from Heliopolis and 20 minutes from Down Town


The first project as a developed company was a 4-acre project on the sea directly within the village of Tulip near Al Ain Bay built U-shaped


Is one of the projects of Arabia Real Estate Development Company, which has built a large number of residential units in various vital places in Egypt, such as the Fifth Settlement North Coast and a number of other areas