Oblisco Capitale Tower

Located in the heart of the Administrative Capital of Central Business District, it is close to Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, as well as Al Sefarat Neighborhood and the Regional Ring Road, as well as Al Massa Hotel and the Middle Ring Road

Project Space One million two hundred and fifty thousand square meters.

Developer Name El Nasr Housing & Development

Units Types Hotel Apartments - Commercial Centers - Medical Centers - Recreational Centers

Oblisco Capitale New Capital

In light of the tremendous architectural developments taking place in Egypt in recent times, especially within the New Administrative Capital, a lot of outstanding architectural constructions that have caused a sensation in the world, due to its sheer accuracy, size and splendor of its exterior design. Oblisco Capitale Tower is at the top of these constructions where it is the tallest tower in the world to surpass Burj Khalifa in Dubai which reaches about 868 meters but Oblisco Tower reaches 1000 meters, so follow us on the following lines to learn together more details about the tower in terms of the developer of the project and services available as well as apartment prices.

The Geographical location of Oblisco Capitale Administrative Capital

As for the location of Obelisco Capitale Tower, it is very distinct as it is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, especially in the central business district, which includes about 20 towers dedicated only to business administration in the Capital and many other services. It is also near the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, embassies district, Regional ring road, Al Masa Hotel, the Central Ring road and many other central areas in the Administrative Capital.

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Located in New Mansoura, a city covering a total area of 6220 feddans with an expected population of almost 700,000 people . the city is bordered bye The Mediterranean Sea with 15 KM of Sea Coast

Fifth Square

Is strategic location is easily accessible from all Cairo’s main roads and vital highways, and is only minutes away from The American University in Cairo, 10
minutes from Heliopolis and 20 minutes from Down Town


The first project as a developed company was a 4-acre project on the sea directly within the village of Tulip near Al Ain Bay built U-shaped


Is one of the projects of Arabia Real Estate Development Company, which has built a large number of residential units in various vital places in Egypt, such as the Fifth Settlement North Coast and a number of other areas